The showy, bluish purple flowering spikes of this tall, beautiful perennial, blossom with the Golden-rods and Asters, during August and September. The hairy stem grows from one to six feet high, and usually in dry soil. The alternating deep green leaves vary in size and shape as they ascend the stalk. They are generally narrowly lance-shaped, and their surface is densely covered with tiny dots. The flower heads are semi-circular, and from fifteen to forty-five are borne on short stems in a long, terminal, wand-like spike. They are composed entirely of coloured tubular florets. The large leafy cup has five or six rows of long, bristly, purple-tipped scales. The tuberous root has been used as a remedy for sore throats, and also as a cure for rattlesnake bite. It ranges from the Gulf of Mexico to Maine, Ontario and Nebraska.