There is a pleasing individual air about this delicate beauty that is always sure to win our admiration as it sways its captivating golden-spangled, bright purple flowers among the tall grasses of our sandy marshes during August. With slightly winged angles, the square, more or less hairy, rather stout and branching stalk grows from twelve to eighteen inches in height. It is grooved and of a light green colour. The thin, finely toothed, pointed oval leaves have three noticeable ribs, and they are arranged in alternating, opposite pairs. They are stemless, and a few hairs are scattered sparingly over their otherwise smooth surface. The large, fragile flowers are gathered in small terminal clusters, on slender, leafy branches which spring from the angles of the leaves in corresponding pairs on this nicely balanced plant. They usually open one at a time, and perish soon after they are plucked. The four rounded, spreading petals are inserted on the summit of the hairy, urn-shaped calyx. The eight long, purplish stamens are capped with large, semicircular, bright yellow anthers which are very conspicuous. The pistil is long, slender, and crooked, This species ranges from Maine to Florida and west to Illinois, Missouri, and Louisiana.