The beautiful Painted Trillium is one of the commonest and most striking of its clan. It loves to dwell beside cool, trickling brooklets, and in shady dells in rich, damp woods where it blossoms during May and June. The rather slender solitary green stalk is smooth and naked and grows from eight inches to sometimes two feet in height The large, egg-shaped leaves have a long, tapering point, and a rounded base. They have short stems and are triple-veined. The thin, widely spreading, waxy-white, wavy-edged petals are painted with purple stripes at the base. The green sepals are narrow, lance-shaped. The solitary flower is set on a short stem and is often slightly drooped. The egg-shaped fruit is shining bright red when ripe. This plant ranges from Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Wisconsin to Georgia and Missouri.

PAINTED WAKE ROBIN. Trillium undulatum

PAINTED WAKE ROBIN. Trillium undulatum.