A handsome species with large, deep crimson or purple flowers found in dry fields, roadsides and thickets from New Hampshire to Ontario, Minnesota, Virginia, and Kansas during June, July, and August. The usually single stalk rises from two to four feet high, and it is tough-fibred, finely grooved and very leafy. It is so full of milky juice that it fairly spurts out when a stem or leaf is broken. The long, oval leaf tapers to a point toward the tip, and narrows at the base into a short stem. It is smooth above, and finely downy beneath. The entire margins are sometimes slightly wavy. The veins are wide-spreading, and the midrib is strong. They are arranged in alternate pairs. The divisions of the corolla are oblong in shape and deep purple in colour. The short, broad horn tapers to a sharp tip, which turns acutely toward the centre. The numerous flowers are loosely clustered in rounding terminal heads.