During September large patches of the irregular bell-shaped flowers of this little Gerardia are found in the grassy growths of dry, open woods and thickets. It is a smooth, slender-stemmed and widely branching annual, growing from six to twenty-four inches high. The spreading branches are sparingly leafed. The alternating leaves are long, very narrow, and almost needle-like, with sharp points, and show a fine midrib. The green, bell-shaped calyx has very short, pointed teeth. The small, tubular flower is light purple or rarely white, and is marked with numerous indistinct spots. The corolla is flattened, and two of the five rounded lobes are smaller than the others, and are curved inward over the pistil and cream-coloured stamens. The inner surface of the two smaller lobes is prettily marked with purple spots. The flowers are set on short, hair-like stems, which spring from the axils of the leaves along the branches. The little pear-shaped buds look like drops of thick, fresh paint, and are very decorative. The Slender Gerardia ranges commonly from Quebec to Georgia, and west to Ontario, Illinois, and Louisiana. It is dedicated to John Gerarde, the famous herbalist.