Every one of us who has tramped through the fields and woods during the fall has had occasion to share Job's patience, while we picked, scraped and brushed the affectionate, triangular stickers of the Tick-trefoil that were everlastingly stuck to our clothes. It is a certain and easy means of identification, too. A number of species are distributed throughout the country. This one has a slender, naked stem growing direct from the root some two or three feet high, and bearing sparsely scattered, small, purplish, butterfly-shaped flowers, which are succeeded by flat, two or three jointed, deeply lobed pods. They are covered with minute hooked hairs that are directly accountable for their adhering qualities. The stout, shorter leaf stalk bears a terminal cluster of long-stemmed compound leaves, each having three pointed, egg-shaped leaflets with entire margins. They are thin textured, slightly hairy, and on the under side their colouring is lighter. Tickweed is common in dry fields and woods, from Quebec to Minnesota, south to Florida and Louisiana, during July and August.