Of all the flowers exalted by mankind, none has been more frequently associated with his history and literature than the Rose. Its praises have been sung in many tongues, and its popularity harks back to very ancient times. Tradition repeatedly ascribes many and varied accounts to the Rose. The red Rose is a token of love and affection; the redder it is, the better it is so understood and accepted. The Turks hold that red Roses sprang from the blood of Mohammed. The Rose of Jericho has been called Saint Mary's Rose, and is said to have first blossomed at the Saviour's birth, closing its petals upon His Crucifixion, and reopening them again at the Resurrection. For over three hundred years, May 1st was gorgeously observed in France as the Tribute of Roses, when the youngest peer presented a silver bowl of Roses to the Court. In Egypt, mattresses made from the sun-dried petals are luxuries - beds of Roses - enjoyed only by the very wealthy. The ancient Greeks and Romans were extravagant in the use of Rose garlands and wreaths for decorative purposes, and at the magnificent feasts of Cleopatra and of Nero, everything was lavishly decked with them. Fountains of Rose water in operation were famous attractions at some of their marvellous social affairs. The Romans placed a Rose over the entrance to their feasting halls, and all who passed beneath it understood that whatever happened within the hall was to be sub rosa -under the Rose - and was to be kept secret and never disclosed. The Romans also used the Rose in their funeral rites, and in China Roses and Anemones are used for similar purposes. The Rose was the flower dedicated to Venus. In the writings of Shakespeare, the Rose is mentioned more frequently than any other flower. In Germany, France, and Italy, frivolous maidens bury a drop of blood under a Rose bush to ensure rosy cheeks. The Rose is the floral emblem of Iowa, New York, and North Dakota. An annual festival celebrated in California is named the Tournament of Roses. Portland, Ore., is called the City of Roses. June is known as the month of Roses. One of the most costly perfumes in the world is Attar of Roses, and ten tons - twenty thousand pounds -of petals are required to make one pound of this precious oil, which is valued at two hundred dollars per pound. Candied Rose petals are considered a dainty confection. And so on, and so on, one could add to this endless subject.