A handsome Lily of the Valley plant, growing especially common in our more northern woods, where it seeks the cool moisture of the shady evergreens. It was dedicated to DeWitt Clinton, a former governor of New York State. The slender, nearly smooth, and naked flowering stalk rises from six to fifteen inches high, and bears from three to six drooping, greenish yellow, or straw-coloured, bell-shaped blossoms, which are arranged in a loose, terminal cluster on slender, nodding stems. They are formed of six spreading sepals, with six stamens and a pistil. The two to five, usually three, large, thin, glossy dark green leaves are pointed-oval or oblong in shape, and are narrowed into a sheathing base. This plant is probably more familiar to vacationists in the late summer, when the erect, dark blue, globular berries are very conspicuous. It blossoms during May and June, and is found from Newfoundland and Ontario to North Carolina and Minnesota.