About all that has been said of the White Sweet Clover applies in a general way to this species. The principal difference, of course, is the yellow flowers. If anything, this member of the family is rather more bushy toward the ground. The branches are widely spreading, and the plant flowers more lowly than the white species. It possesses the same sweet-scented properties, and the leaflets are rounded at the tip and not nicked. The parts of the corolla are nearly the same length, while those in the white flowering species have one of the parts - the standard - much longer than the other parts, which are known as the wings and keel. The seed pods of the Yellow Melilot are prominently cross-ribbed. Old English names for this plant are Balsam Flowers, Heart's Clover, King's Crown, and Heartwort. It ranges throughout the same territory as its white kinsman, and seems to be more common along the coast. At night two of the three leaflets close together, face to face, and the third one closes against them.