(Plate XXII.)




Pale rose.




North Carolina, northward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: terminal; nodding on long pedicels that are sometimes axillary. Calyx: of four short teeth. Corolla: of four deeply parted petals. Stamens: eight to ten; protruding. Pistil: one. Fruit: a bright scarlet, acid, four-celled berry. Leaves: oblong; entire; evergreen; the margins turned back. Stem: prostrate; trailing.

So dainty and pretty is the little pink blossom of this plant that it invariably gives pleasure to those that find it in the peat bogs and marshy lands. Its mission in life, however, is to be the forerunner of the bright berry which is too well-known in connection with Thanksgiving turkey to need any description. The name cranberry is said by some authorities to have been chosen for the plant because the berries are the favourite food of the cranes, when they return in the spring to the shores of Holland. Others think it is owing to the curves of the branches, which are like the crooked neck of a crane.