(Plate XIII)






Very fragrant.


Florida and westward.

Time Of Bloom


Flowers: two to four, growing umbel-like at the top of a thick scape. Perianth: of six-pointed, narrow, recurved divisions with linear bractlets at the base of each. Stamens: six, with long, purple filaments; anthers attached at the middle; pinkish. Leaves: very long, narrow, pointed. Scape: one to two feet high. Bulb: globular.

When we sit down beside this giant flower and overlook some river swamp, we think our best thoughts, the earth seems wonderfully fair. It is so noble and dignified in its bearing that we would not venture to pick it; so we wander away, and the place where it grew forms a lasting picture in our memory. It is the only one of its genus that has chosen to grow wild in the Southern part of the United States, instead of tropical regions.

American Crinum Crinum Americanum 77American Crinum Crinum Americanum 78American Crinum Crinum Americanum 79

Diagram of flower.