Purplish blue.


Strongly scented.


New England southward and westward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: small; axillary; whorled. Calyx: two-lipped. Corolla: two-lipped; the upper lip erect and notched, the lower lip three-lobed. Stamens; two. Pistil; one; style, two-lobed. Leaves: opposite; on petioles; ovate; pungent to the taste. Stem; low; erect: branching; square; hairy.

A place that is remembered in connection with this well-known little plant is a teeing ground of a golf course in a high upland meadow in Dutchess county. There, bordering the hard-packed square of dirt, it grows in great profusion and can be scented from a considerable distance. We can well believe in its medicinal properties; for even to nibble at the leaves on a warm day is refreshing. It is closely allied to Mentha Pulegium, the true pennyroyal of Europe.