Rose purple,




Maine to Florida and westward.

Time of Bloom

Early autumn.

Flower-heads: round; growing in a long, wand-like raceme; and composed of tubular flowers with long slender lobes. Scales of the involucre, long and bristly, purple tipped. Leaves: alternate; lanceolate; pointed. Stem: erect; leafy; rather downy.

Why these beautiful flowers, which are clustered thickly or loosely together, as the case may be, were ever named blazing star it would trouble the wisest of us to explain. Their particular charm lies in their warm rich colouring.

L. squarrosa, or scaly blazing star, is a beautiful variety with larger, fewer flower-heads of rose purple. It blooms in the late summer and autumn and mostly southward and westward from Pennsylvania. Another name for it is rattlesnake-master; the bites of which snakes it has been supposed to be efficacious in curing.