Yellow, marked with brownish red.




Common north and south.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: growing on long pedicels in a terminal, leafy raceme. Calyx: of five, or six sepals. Corolla: wheel-shaped; of five oblong segments. Stamens: four or five, with united filaments. Pistil: one. Leaves: abundant; opposite; long; pointed at each end; darkly spotted. Stem: upright; leafy; branching

This bright, cheery plant, with others of its family, has the reputation of having a peace-loving heart. Ancient superstition that clings about it tells us it is particularly disposed to exercise its soothing influence upon cattle that are quarrelling, when a spray of it laid upon their yokes will cause them to become as gentle as the proverbial lamb. But unless the farmer has, in case of emergency, provided himself with this loosestrife, we may imagine he would have some difficulty in guiding his fractious beasts to search for it by the brooks, or in the wet meadows that lead to the marshes.