(Plate CXXVII.)




Purplish pink.





Time of Bloom

Late summer and autumn.

Flowers: terminally clustered on peduncles. Corolla: papilionaceous, the banner petal pointed at the top. Pods: flat; jointed; having one seed. Leaves: divided into three oblong, clover-like leaflets. Stem: procumbent.

This dainty little ground weed that hugs the earth so closely, bears, besides the large terminal flowers, smaller ones that are intermingled with the others and grow along the branches. Frequently they are without petals and are the more fertile of the two. In sandy places in the late season members of this genus abound and are conspicuous by their cloverlike leaflets. Their smooth, single or double-jointed pods with but one seed also serve to distinguish them from their relatives, the Meibo-mias, page 224, Plate CXVI.

L. capitata, round-headed bush-clover, bears cream-coloured flowers spotted with purple in a rounded head, or capitulum, on very short peduncles.

L. frutescens, wand-like bush-clover, is an erect species with flowers growing closely; thick stems and many leaves.

L. Virginica, slender bush-clover, has flowers in oblong heads and linear leaflets.

It will be noticed that the specific names of these plants, as is customary, indicate their peculiarities. As a genus they are readily recognised.