Orange, and yellow.





Time of Bloom


Flowers: showy; growing closely in a terminal raceme. Calyx: five-parted. Corolla: two-lipped, closed in the throat; extending backward into a long, pointed spur; within hairy. The hairs and tip of the corolla of a deeper orange shade of yellow. Stamens; four, in pairs of unequal length. Pistil: one. Leaves: alternate; linear; grass-like. Stem: erect; branching; smooth.

Our very familiarity with these conspicuous and beautiful flowers inclines us to pay little heed to them; although they find their way into children's hands almost more than any other of our wayside flora. If we had to seek them through some quaking bog with only a vague hope of finding them we should probably prize them in some such way as we do the yellow orchis. But they give us no trouble. They galivant along the roadsides and we may admire them, or pass them by, just as we choose. No doubt the political economist would remind us in this connection that things are only valuable that are limited in supply.