(Plate CXLIII.)








New Jersey southward and westward.

Time Of Bloom


Flowers; showy; one to three borne on a short peduncle. Calyx: tubular; five-cleft. Corolla: papilionaceous; the banner petal much larger than the others; erect and notched at the apex. Stamens: ten, not distinct; style, bearded. Pods: long; appearing late in the season. Leaves of three lanceolate leaflets on separate stalks with stipules at their bases; the under surface of. a much lighter shade of green. Stem: smooth; twining.

It may be that there has been a slight disagreement in the household of the butterfly pea. The large banner petal seems to believe in gaiety and showing itself to the world, while the other parts of the corolla have a leaning towards piety and staying at home. So each faction goes its separate way. The blossom, in consequence, is very much out of proportion. We readily forgive it this fault, however, on account of its lovely colour and the courage each one of its parts has shown in remaining true to its convictions.

Butterfly Pea Clitoria Mariana 218