(Plate CXLII.)




Orange red or yellow.


Juice,like muriatic acid.



Time Of Bloom


Flowers: large; solitary. Calyx: of two sepals that form a pointed cap which drops off as the petals expand. Corolla: of four concave petals. Stamens: numerous. Capsule: one-celled and covered by the compound stigma. Leaves: dissected, pale, glaucous. Stem: twelve to eighteen inches high; the end dilated into a top-shaped receptacle with a broad rim upon which are the stamens. Juice: watery; narcotic.

"How gently, O sleep, fall thy poppies on me !" - Ed. Johnson.

The flowers from which the illustration was taken, were picked in Santa Rosa, California. There, to see the fields aglow with the silky, flame-coloured beauties, which have every variety of tint from pale yellow to deep orange, is most enchanting.

At one time, when China wished to prevent the large use of opium which is extracted from the opium poppy, she destroyed an immense quantity of plants that belonged to British merchants and as a result became involved in her first war with England. To this poppy, therefore, is due the opening of China and Japan to the commerce of the world.

The ancients gave poppies to the dead, and as typifying sleep they were regarded as the world's great comforter.

E. caespitbsa is the name of the smaller and brilliant poppy that is represented in the illustration.