(Plate CXXXV.)




White, the two upper petals purple underneath.




North and west.

Time of Bloom


This is the largest and boldest of our wild violets, often reaching a height of two feet. It blooms throughout the season and has its home in rich woods, or on mountain-tops. In the early season its fragrance is hardly perceptible, but it becomes stronger as the summer advances. The leaves are heart-shaped, toothed, and they have stipules. The stems are leafy. It can readily be recognised in the coloured-plate illustration.

Canada Violet Viola Canadensis 149

V. rotundifolia, or round-leaved violet, also has its home in cool, northern woods. It is a pale-yellow variety with a very short spur and lateral petals that are veined with brown. The roundish, crenate leaves lie flat on the ground and grow very large and shiny during the summer. The plant is not leafy stemmed.