White, dotted with, yellow; purple inside.


Leaves, strongly scented.


Gulf states, northward.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: growing in terminal panicles. Calyx: irregular, or two-lipped. Corolla: campanulate; two-lipped, with five spreading, crimped lobes. Stamens: three short, or occasionally four perfect in pairs, two of which are shorter than the others; and one sterile stamen present. Pistil: one. Pods: long; linear; hanging. Leaves: on petioles; ovate; pointed; entire or three-lobed; glabrous. A tree.

It was said by an old darkey: "dat he felt all de light ob de heavens shinin' down fru his head wheneber he sat under de catalpa tree; and dat all de other times was darkness."

Surely the beautiful tree could have had no tribute paid to it which would have been more sincere and touching.