White or pinkish purple.




New England southward and westward.

Time Of Bloom


Flowers: growing in a terminal raceme. Calyx: of four sepals that fall early. Corolla: of four cruciferous petals. Stamens: six, of which two are shorter than the others. Pistil: one. Pod: lance-shaped. Leaves: in whorls of threes; each leaf being divided into linear, gash-toothed divisions. Stem: efect; simple. Rootstock: tuberous.

The cut-leaved toothwort is a near relative of the toothwort of the rich woods. Its taste for water, however, has induced it to stray from the family environment to the banks of streams. Here, no doubt, it has further offended its family by putting on style, or, to be explicit, by adding another leaf to its stem. And those of the woods cannot cry out against it, for its rootstock is quite as edible as their own.

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