(Plate LXXVI.)




Pure white.


Faintly sweet.



Time Of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: one or two borne upon slender scapes. Calyx: of five or six unequal divisions, the three larger ones closing over the fruit. Corolla: about an inch broad; of five, delicate, spreading petals. Stamens. numerous. Pistils: five to ten. Leaves: from the base; spreading in a tuft; on long petioles; cordate; toothed and mottled with a lighter shade of green. Rootstock: creeping.

Dalibarda Dalibdrda ripens 150

A sweet little flower that cannot but cast a spell of enchantment over those that linger near it in its woodland home. Its characteristics remind us strongly of the violet family; but a taste for numerous stamens has caused it to be classed among the roses. It seems unfortunate that no English or pet name has ever been bestowed upon the flower, which would endear it to us by a feeling of closer friendship.