Purplish pink.




New England southward and westward.

Time of Bloom

April, May.

Flowers: growing in loose panicles. Calyx: of four or five petal-like sepals that fall early. Corolla: none. Stamens: indefinite in number. Pistils: four to fifteen, on different plants from the stamens. Leaves: alternate; much divided into three to seven-lobed leaflets, the upper ones smooth and pinnate.

This plant is frequently cultivated on account of its graceful foliage, fern-like sprays of which mingle very prettily with other flowers. The bloom is rather unattractive from the point of beauty, but it is a most interesting study botanically.

T. purpurascens, purplish meadow rue, comes into bloom a little later than the preceding species. Its compound panicles are composed of feathery staminate or pistillate blossoms. On the delicate leaflets are often found hairs which are tipped with minute glands.

T. Polygamum, Plate XLVII.