Northeast to Georgia westward to Tennessee.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: small; densely clustered in cymes upon the ends of hairy scapes. Calyx: of five very short sepals. Corolla: of five petals. Stamens: ten. Pistil: one, with two styles. Fruit: a many seeded, purple capsule. Leaves: clustered at the root; obovate; toothed. Scape: three to nine inches high; clammy.

All the timorous, hesitating beauty of the early spring bloom clusters about the saxifrage. It slips into the woods quietly, as though fearful that if it made a noise or attracted too much attention, Jack Frost might send some one, or come himself, which would be worse, and punish it by retarding its growth. We find it on the top, or in the clefts, of rocks, which it has been known to break asunder. In fact, to watch this little plant is a moral lesson in the achievements that can be brought about by quiet will power.

Early Saxifrage Saxifraga Virginiensis 153