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Mostly south and west.

Time Of Bloom

March, April.

Flowers: growing in loose racemes along the branches. Calyx: short; four-toothed. Corolla: bell-shaped; drooping; four, or five parted. Stamens:

eight to sixteen. Pistil: one. Fruit: oblong; two to four-winged. Leaves: ovate-oblong; toothed; slightly pubescent underneath. A shrub or small tree with soft wood.

Four Winged Snowdrop Tree Mohrodendron Carolinum 104Four Winged Snowdrop Tree Mohrodendron Carolinum 105

This beautiful tree is one of the very few species that are natives of southeastern North America. It is not so chary of its snowdrops as those dear little plants that we see about country dooryards; and which tell us so plainly that the spring is coming. The blossoms appear in abundance with, or before, the leaves and cover the tree with gems of pure beauty. We are sometimes so fortunate as to chance upon it in moist woods, but more often by the side of some sparkling stream.