Solidago uligsnosa is a golden-rod that we find in the peat bogs. It is one of the earliest of the genus to come into bloom, often budding out in July. The small flowers are closely crowded in long, narrow panicles; and the leaves are lanceolate and pointed. Those of the root sometimes grow to a great length.

S. patula, rough-leaved or spreading golden-rod, is a swamp species that has flower-heads growing in short racemes. The long leaves are noticeable from their very rough upper surface and being smooth on the under side.

S. juncea, page 136

Plate (LXIX.) Swamp Asters




Purple, blue or white.





Time Of Bloom

Late summer and early autumn.

Flower-heads: composed of tubular and ligulate flowers; or ray and disk flowers. The rays purple, blue or white and the disks yellow.