Green and white.




Mostly north.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: clustered loosely in a long spike. Corolla: two-lipped; the lip white, almost linear, drooping and without a fringe; the spur one and a half inches long, curved and gradually becoming thicker. Leaves: two only; very large, sometimes a foot long, at the bottom of the scape and lying flat on the ground; almost orbicular; parallel-veined. Scape: one to two feet high.

Single flower.

Single flower.

This peculiar and striking orchis protests strongly against the July sun and rears itself in the evergreen woods, or on the shaded hillsides. Its colour is so cool and tranquil that we wonder it has not chosen to dwell by the side of a brook, where it could occasionally dip its roots in the water. Darning needles have a warm friendship for the plant and guard it well, as one finds sometimes to his sorrow when seeking to gaze at it more closely.