(Plate CXXIX.)




Yellow and crimson.


Strongly scented.


New York to Illinois and southward.

Time Of Bloom


Flowers: whorled above the floral bracts. Calyx: short; five-toothed. Corolla: two-lipped; narrow in the throat; pale yellow, spotted with deep crimson. Floral leaves: whorled; lanceolate; pinkish crimson, veined with a deeper colour.

Horse Mint Monarda punctacta 204

This interesting plant is found in great abundance in the sandy soil of New Jersey. The arrangement of the flowers makes them appear as though they had assembled in court to pronounce judgment on some unhappy creature and that they had just opened their mouths to snap out a most unfavourable verdict. One instinctively hopes that Master Bee has not been shirking his duty, for they have a very angry, spiteful expression. The floral bracts of rich colouring form an exquisite setting for their assemblage.