(Plate LXIII.)




Pinkish crimson.




New York southward and westward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: growing closely in a dense spike on axillary flower-stalks. Calyx; bell-shaped, of five-toothed sepals. Corolla: funnel-form; inflated; two-lipped, the upper lip arched and broad; the lower one of three spreading lobes, the centre lobe pale and dotted with a deep colour. Stamens: four; in pairs. Pistil: one; style two-lobed. Leaves; opposite*, lanceolate; serrated. Stem: square; one to four feet high; slightly branched.

When a little fish comes to the surface of the water and opens his mouth his expression is not unlike that of these flowers. They have, however, none of the darting, evasive tendencies of the fish. The flower is most docile. Strangely enough, it appears to be without any elasticity, and will remain in exactly the position in which it is placed for an indefinite time. From this characteristic the plant quite carries off the palm of obedience among the flowers.