(Plate LXII.)




Brilliant cardinal.


Pleasantly fragrant.


Throughout the north,

Time of Bloom


Flowers: clustered in a rounded head. Calyx: five-toothed; reddish; naked in the throat. Corolla: tubular; two-lipped. Stamens: two; ex-serted. Pistil: one; style, two-lobed, protruding. Leaves: opposite; ovate; on petioles; those nearest the flower reddish in colour. Stems: erect; square.

Some day when the inclination prompts us to bend our steps to a leafy, green spot where perhaps hides a trickling stream we shall be enchanted by the appearance of the bee balm. Its brilliant colouring is rather a surprise, as we are not nearly so familiar with red wild flowers as with those of other shades.

A troop of children that had gone for a picnic to a spot in their neighbourhood called the glen, found this flower and twirled a wreath of it to place upon the head of a dark-haired little girl. When they returned to the village and the wreath was laid aside, the children complained that their playmate was no longer pretty. They missed the magical effect of the bee balm about her head.