(Plate CXLIX.)




Light violet.





Time of Bloom

May, June.

Flower-heads; round, growing in small clusters and composed of both ray and disk flowers; the former being very numerous. Leaves: few on the stem; lanceolate; the basal leaves broader and clinging closely to the ground. Stem: about one foot high; thick, juicy; hairy.

What strange idea filled the pretty head of robin's plantain when it decked itself out to look so much like an aster we do not know; but its deception is very transparent and we readily discover that it is not one of the aster family. There is a hairy look about the stem and flower which is quite unlike an aster, and another distinctive feature is the way in which its lower leaves lie fiat about the ground.

Perhaps by its advent so early in the season it simply wishes to proclaim the coming of the true asters and the members of the great family of composites.