Northern and eastern.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: small , growing on one side of a raceme like cluster at the end of a naked scape that uncoils as the flowers expand. Calyx: of five sepals. Corolla: of five petals. Stamens: five to fifteen. Pistil: one, with a deeply three or five parted style. Leaves: rounded; provided with leafstalks; the upper surface rough and sticky. The edge of the leaf fringed with reddish bristles.

When the sun shines upon the leaves of this little bog herb they are, poetically speaking, covered with sparkling drops of dew; but which in stern reality we find to be a glutinous exudation that serves to entice insects to visit them and then to hold them fast. The red bristles complete the capture by closing tightly over the victim; and he is prepared for digestion very much in the same manner as is practiced by the Venus's fly-trap. The range of the sundew is not so restricted, and it is worth one's while to search it out and try the experiment of feeding it with flies, so as to put oneself on a plane beyond surprise at the actions of the insectivorous plants.

Round Leaved Sundew Drosera rolundifolia 99