Along the coast.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: solitary; terminal at the end of the branches. Calyx: of three sepals on the receptacle. Corolla: of six to nine rounded petals. Stamens: numerous. Pistils: numerous; arranged in the shape of a cone. Fruit: conelike; red, with one or two scarlet seeds. Leaves: alternate; obovate; pointed; downy and whitish underneath. A shrub four to twenty feet high, leafy, branching.

As the summers return to us, the lovely, fragrant blossoms of the magnolia find their way back to the swamps. The shrub is one with which the children have hardly made a fair compact. With their ruthless little fingers, they strip it of its petals, which they put into bottles and cover with alcohol. A few shakes are all that is then necessary to transform the decoction into the "most delightful perfume," and they offer it to their friends at a price much below that of the market.