White and pink.




New England southward to North Carolina.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: terminal; solitary. The sepals and petals pure white; the lip inflated, one and a half inches long, and shaded in front with pink and purple. Leaves: alternate; large; ovate; pointed; parallel-veined. Stem: erect; leafy; downy.

This shy and lovely orchid, which Dr. Gray regards as the most beautiful of the genus, is rather difficult to find; and although one of its haunts in some remote swamp is known, and the days numbered until the time has come to go eagerly forth and seek it, it is often sadly true that some one has been in advance and carried the blossom away. But those that are so fortunate as to be the first upon the scene, whether lovers of flowers or not, must delight in the possession of so sweet a nymph. C. hirsutum and C. acaule, page 120, are illustrated in plates xciii and xciv respectively.