(Plate CXXI1I.)


St. Joh n's-wort.






New Jersey to Georgia.

Time Of Bloom

July, August.

Flowers: clustered at the ends of the branches. Calyx: of five sepals. Corolla: of five spreading pointed petals, tinged with scarlet in the centre. Stamens: indefinite in number; protruding. Pistil: one; styles, three. Pod: red; three-celled. Leaves: numerous; opposite; oblong. Stem: branched; reddish.

The shrubby St. John's-wort is rather the coxcomb of the family and has decidedly the air of being very much pleased with itself. Its prolific supply of protruding stamens gives it a light fluffy look which enlivens any bunch of flowers and adds a touch of beauty to the sandy, barren soil where it grows. Thoreau mentions that at the time of the longest days in the year the St. John's-wort begins to bloom.