Peach-blow pink.




New England southward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: small; thickly clustered in a pyramidal spike. Calyx: of five sepals. Corolla: of five, rosaceous petals. Stamens: numerous. Pistils: five to eight. Leaves: alternate; small; ovate; toothed and downy underneath. Stem: erect; slender; downy.

We are impressed by the steeple-bush very much as we are by the dainty beauty of the meadow-sweet. Its fleecy spikes lighten the low grounds, and we would miss them sorely from the bunch of late summer flowers that we gather shortly before the great family of composites invades the fields. According to the custom of perennial herbs, these plants die down to the ground every year at the approach of frost. The live stem with its buds hovers near the root and sends up the young shoots of the next year.