(Plate XLVII)








New England southward and westward.

Time of Bloom

June, July and August.

Flowers: growing in large compound panicles. Calyx: of four to ten petal-like sepals that blow off early. Stamens: very numerous and giving a ball-like feathery effect. Pistils: four to fifteen, mostly borne on different plants than the stamens. Leaves: alternately compound; leaflets numerous, small, rounded, sometimes lobed at the top. Stem: tall; erect; branching.

A tall, graceful beauty that drinks of the cooling vapours beside the sparkling streams, or rears itself in the moist meadows where the yellow field lilies are in bloom. There is a certain luxury about the fleecy daintiness of the flowers and the growth of the fine small leaves. The plant is also an interesting study from the difference in the pistillate and staminate blossoms.

Tall Meadow Rue Thalictrum polygamum 116