(Plate LII.)




Pinkish white.





Time Of Bloom

Late summer.

Flowers: axillary; growing in spike-like racemes on a leafy flower-stalk. Calyx: of five overlapping, green sepals with similar bract-like leaves underneath. Corolla: two-lipped; inflated; slightly open; shaped like a turtle's head; the upper lip slightly notched at the apex; the lower lip three-cleft with the centre division appearing like a small tongue; delicately bearded in the throat. Stamens: four, perfect with hairy filaments and united by woolly anthers that when touched let fly a misty pollen. A shorter, sterile stamen is also present. Leaves: opposite; long; lanceolate; serrated. Stem: smooth; square; branching.

The only thing that detracts from the turtle-like appearance of these blossoms is their waxy, pinkish colouring. If they had better imitated their patron in this respect it would have been an excellent safeguard, as no one would have ventured his fingers within reach of their snappish little tongues. They have also quite a vixenish look which would lead one to suppose, in spite of their pure whiteness, that they are rather fond of having their own way, and are not too amiable in seeing that their wishes secure attention.

Chelone Lyoni.

Chelone Lyoni. (Plate LIU.)

Is the lovely purple species of turtle-head of the south which blooms until the early autumn. The accompanying illustration will serve to readily distinguish it from the C. glabra.