Brilliant blue, with pink buds.




Eastern states.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: small; thickly clustered on one side of a spike that unfolds as the flowers expand. Calyx; five-parted. Corolla; funnel-form; of five lobes; three of which are shorter than the others. Stamens: five, unequal; exserted; red. Pistil: one; styles, two. Leaves; alternate; lanceolate; very hairy; wavy on the edges. Stem: about two feet high; rough; hairy.

When seen from a distance the blue flowers of the viper's bugloss are hardly credited with having the brilliancy of colour that they are found to possess on a closer examination. The pink buds and red protruding stamens are an invaluable feature of the plant and play their part in lightening the otherwise heavy effect of the green. When growing along the roadsides, its extreme hairiness attracts an immense amount of dust and not until it has been shaken, or washed off, is the prettiness of the blossoms seen. The pink buds and uncoiling growth of the bunches call to mind the little forget-me-nots of which it is a relative.