(Plate CLIX.)


White alder.






New England southward.

Time of Bloom

Juiy, August.

Flowers: growing in upright clustered racemes. Calyx: i five sepals. Corolla: of five long, narrow petals. Stamens: ten; protruding. Pistil: one. Leaves: alternate; ovate; veined; toothed. A handsome shrub ihree to ten feet high; upright; leafy.

One of the joys of the late season is the bursting into bloom of the clethra. Its delicate blossoms and the intense fragrance that it sheds about recall again the early spring days of timid flowers and soft green leaves which have later become sadly overheated or dusty beyond recognition. It seeks its home in shady lanes along the coast, where the air is moist, and which is undoubtedly the reason of its freshness so late in the season, and of the vigour of its dark green leaves. It remains in bloom a long time. When bruised the foliage emits a peculiar odour.

C. acuminata, mountain sweet pepperbush, is found in the mountains of Virginia and Georgia. It is readily known as a near relation of the above species.