New England southward.

Time Of Bloom

April. May.

Flowers: small; in a dense, terminal raceme. Calyx: of four to six sepals that fall early. Corolla: of four to ten petals with claws. Stamens: numerous; with white filaments. Pistil: one; stigma, two-lobed. Fruit: a roundish, oval, white berry with a dark eye at the apex; glabrous; poisonous. Leaves: compound with ovate leaflets in threes; the upper ones often sharply cleft. Stem: smooth; high; the flower-stalk a conspicuous, bright red.

A very old friend to those that visit the woods is the white baneberry. Its curious late summer fruit lingers perhaps better in the memory than the soft white bloom of early spring.

A. rubra, the red baneberry, is very handsome and is readily distinguished by its cherry-coloured berries. It comes into bloom a little earlier than the above and is partial to a cooler soil. The berries are also said to be poisonous.

White Baneberry Actaea alba 151White Baneberry Actaea alba 152