(Plate XXI)




White, tinged with pink.


Very fragrant.


Maine, southward along the coast.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: clustered; coming into blossom after the leaves. Calyx: of five small lobes. Corolla: tubular, clammy and hairy; with five recurved, deeply cleft lobes. Stamens; five; exserted; the anthers highly coloured. Pistil; one; protruding. Leaves; oblong; in terminal groups. A shrub three to ten feet high.

Little can be imagined in plant-life which is more truly beautiful than the azaleas in the fullness of their bloom. The varieties here given resemble each other very closely; and follow in continuous succession, so that the swamps and sometimes the moist woods are radiant with their variable colours until well on in the season. It would seem as though the warmer atmosphere of summer coaxed out a stronger fragrance than the cool air of spring; as the A. viscosa lades the air for a great distance with its luscious, honey scent. On both species may be found those modified buds that are so dear to the heart of childhood and which are called May-apples. The plants are especially desirable for cultivation and we are familiar with seeing them come into bloom early in the year. The characteristics of each plant can be readily seen from the illustrations.