Rose purple, or whte.


Leaves, fragrant.


Mass. southward and westward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: growing in a terminal head. Calyx: tubular; five-toothed; hairy in the throat. Stamens: two, protruding. Pistil: one; style, protruding, two lobed at the apex. Leaves: opposite; lanceolate; slightly heart-shaped at the base; toothed and veined. As they approach the flower they take the colour of the corolla.

Unlike the Oswego tea, the whole of which plant is delightfully fragrant even down to the roots, and which will emit a strong scent after the bloom and leaves have dried away, the foliage alone of the wild bergamot is fragrant. The plant is a rather coarse one, but very effective. It blooms luxuriantly in its tufted heads, and when picked will remain fresh in water for a long time. How often it has been the fate of these leaves to be tossed in a bottle with a little alcohol; and afterwards as perfume to have added to the charms of a village belle. Oswego tea, Plate LXII.