(Plate CXII.)




Rose pink, to nearly white.




Eastern, middle and southern states.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: clustered at the ends of the flower-stalks. Calyx: long; of five sepals that form a tube. Corolla: of five notched petals with claws that are enclosed in the calyx-tube. Stamens: ten. Pistil: one; styles, three. Leaves: those from the base, long, narrow, clustered; terminating in hairy petioles; those of the stem lanceolate, opposite. Stem: four to eight inches high; branching; vigourous.

Let us cast a glance at these lovely deep, rosy pinks as we pause by some rocky ledge in the open May woods. They sit so jauntily upon their stems and have such an assured expression that we feel they are whispering to each other very spicy things; and who knows but about us? Indeed, the flowers have quite as good a right to criticise our manners and appearance as we have to chatter so much about them.