(Plate XCIII.)








Mostly north and east.

Time of Bloom

May, June.

Flowers: terminal; nodding and subtended by a leaf-like bract. Sepals: long, slender. Lip: one and a quarter inches broad, veined with brown and forming an inflated pouch, the opening to which is a rounded orifice. The two side petals also streaked with brown; long and curling. Leaves: alternate; ovate; clasping; parallel-veined; pubescent. Stem: one to two feet high; leafy; downy. Orchis construction page 64.

The colour of this orchis is above all enchanting, while the coyness of its shape and the twirling side strings breathe out the essence of coquetry. There is an alertness, a crispness of expression about the out-turned toe which makes us fancy it is only awaiting the waving of some fairy's wand to spring out with its companions and mingle in a gay woodland dance.

On the wooded hillsides where we may have the good fortune to find it, there is often growing in close proximity to it the smaller lady's slipper, C. parviflorum. It is of a deeper, richer shade of yellow and has the added charm of fragrance.

The name Cypripedium is from two Greek words which mean Venus's buskin.