A maryllis.






Maine southward and westward.

Time Of Bloom

Early summer.

Flowers: growing singly, or a few in a cluster at the end of a naked scape. Perianth: of six narrow divisions, within yellow, the outside green and slightly hairy. Stamens: six. Pistil: one. Leaves: from the base; sometimes over a foot long; linear; grass-like.

Long ago this plant was called the yellow star of Bethlehem. It nestles so cosily among the grasses of the meadows and thickets that from afar we connect its bright gleam of colour with a fire-fly that has alighted and is fluttering his wings. On reaching it we are no less pleased to find the winsome face of the yellow star-grass. It is, however, in no sense a grass, but quite an orthodox little member of the amaryllis family; and one of the oldest known of American flowers.