Embracing plants with both calyx and corolla, the latter with the petals united (in however slight a degree.)

Order XLVI. Caprifoliaceae. (Honeysuckle F.)

Shrubs, rarely herbs, with the calyx-tube adherent to the ovary, the corolla borne on the ovary, and the stamens on the tube of the corolla. Leaves opposite and without stipules, but some species of Vibur'num have appendages resembling stipules. Fruit a berry, drupe, or pod.

Synopsis Of The Genera

* Corolla tubular, sometimes 2-lipped. Style slender.

1. Linnae'a. A trailing or creeping herb, with evergreen oval crenate leaves and slender scape-like peduncles which fork at the top into 2 pedicels, each of which bears a nodding narrowly bell-shaped purplish flower. Stamens 4, 2 shorter than the others.

2. Symphoricar'pus. Upright branching shrubs, with oval entire short-petioled leaves. Flowers in interrupted spikes at the ends of the branches, rose-coloured. Corolla bell-shaped, 4-5-lobed, with as many stamens. Berries large and white, 4-celled, but only 2-seeded.

3. Lonice'ra. Upright or twining shrubs, with entire leaves.

Corolla funnel-form, more or less irregular, often with a projection on one side at the base. Berry several-seeded.

4. Diervil'la. Low upright shrubs with ovate pointed serrate leaves.

Calyx-tube tapering towards the top, the teeth slender. Flowers light yellow, peduncles mostly 4-flowered. Corolla funnel-form, nearly regular. Pod slender-pointed.

5. Trios'teum. Coarse herbs. Lobes of the calyx leaf-like. Flowers brownish-purple, sessile in the axils of the leaves. Corolla bulging at the base. Fruit a 3-seeded orange-coloured drupe.

* * Corolla rotate or urn-shaped, regular, 5-lobed. Flowers white, in broad cymes.

6. Sambu'cus. Upright shrubs with pinnate leaves, the leaflets serrate. Stigmas 3. Fruit purple or red, a juicy berry-like drupe, with 3 seed-like stones.

7. Vibur'num. Upright shrubs with simple leaves, and white flowers in compound cymes. Fruit a 1-seeded drupe.

1. Linnae'a. Gronov. Twin-flower

L. borea'lis, Gronov. - Cool mossy woods and swamps.

2. Symphoricar'pus. Dill. Snowberry

1. S. racemo'sus, Michx. (Snowberry.) Corolla bearded inside. Flowers in a rather loose spike. Var. pauciflo'rus, Robbins, is low, diffusely branched, and spreading, with two or three flowers only, in the axils of the uppermost leaves. - Dry rocky hill-sides.

2. S. occidenta'lis, Hook. (Wolfberry.) Flowers in denser spikes than the last, and with larger and more funnel-form corolla and longer stamens. Corolla much bearded within. - N.W.

3. Lonice'ra. L. Honeysuckle. Woodbine

1. L. parviflo'ra, Lam. (i. glauca,' Hill, in Macoun's Catalogue.) (Small Honeysuckle.) Twining shrub, 2-4 feet high, with smooth leaves which are glaucous beneath, the upper ones connate-perfoliate; corolla yellowish-purple. - Rocky banks.

2. L. hipsuta, Eaton. (Hairy Honeysuckle.) Stem twining high. Leaves not glaucous, very large, downy-hairy, the upper ones connate-perfoliate. Flowers in close whorls; corolla greenish-yellow, clammy-pubescent. - Deep thickets.

3. L. Sullivan'tii, Gray. Tunning. At length glaucous-whitened. Leaves oval and ovate-oblong, mostly connate on the flowering stems. Corolla pale yellow. - N.W.

4. L. ciliata, Muhl. (Fly-Honeysuckle.) A branching, straggling shrub, with thin oblong-ovate ciliate leaves. Peduncles axillary, filiform, shorter than the leaves, each 2-flowered at the top. Corolla greenish-yellow, almost spurred at the base. The two berries separate. - Damp woods.

5. L. caeru'lea, L. (Mountain F.) Smaller (1-2 feet high), and with upright branches. Leaves oval. Ovaries united into one berry,- Eastward and northward.

6. L. oblongifo'lia, Muhl. (Swamp Fly-Honeysuckle). A shrub with upright branches, and oblong leaves. Peduncles long and slender, 2-flowered. Corolla deeply 2-lipped. Berries united at the base. - Swamps and low grounds.

7. L involucrata, Banks, is at once recognized by the involucre of four leaf-like bracts under the two flowers. Corolla yellowish, viscid-pubescent. Berries dark-purple. - Woods and banks of streams', Atl. Prov. and St. W.

4. Diervil'la

Tourn. Bush-Honeysuckle. D. trif'ida, Mcench. - Rocky woods and clearings.

5. Trios Trios'teum

L. Fever-wort. T. perfoliatum, L. A coarse herb, 2-4 feet high, soft-hairy. Leaves oval, narrowed at the base. Fruit orange-coloured. - Old clearings and thickets.

6. Sambu'cus. Tourn. Elder

1. S. Canadensis, L. (Common Elder.) Shrub 5-10 feet high, in clumps. Leaflets 5-11, oblong. Cymes flat. Fruit black-purple. - Open grounds, and along streams.

2. S. racemo'sa, L. (S. pubens, Michx.) (Red-berried Elder) may be distinguished from No. 1 by its warty bark, brown pith, 5-7 leaflets, convex or pyramidal cymes, and red berries. - Rocky woods.

7. Vibur'num. L. Arrow-wood. Laurestinus

1. V. Lenta'go, L. (Sweet Viburnum. Sheep-berry.) A small tree, with ovate finely-serrate pointed leaves, with long and margined petioles. Cyme sessile. Fruit black. - Along streams.

2. V. cassinoides, L. - (Withe-rod.) A smooth shrub with somewhat scurfy shoots and tall straight stems. Leaves thickish, entire or wavy-toothed, dotted beneath. Cymes with short peduncles, about 5-rayed. Fruit black. - Cold swamps.

3. V. pubes'eens, Pursh. (Downy Arrow-wood.) A straggling shrub, not more than 4 feet high, with small ovate coarsely serrate leaves, the lower surface soft-downy. Cymes small. Fruit oblong, dark-purple. - Rocky places.

4. V. acerifo'lium, L. (Maple-leaved A. Dockmackie.) A shrub 3-6 feet high, with greenish bark. Leaves 3-lobed, 3-ribbed, soft-downy beneath. Stipular appendages bristle-shaped. Cymes small, on long peduncles. Fruit red, becoming black. - Thickets and riyer-banks.

5. V. Op'ulus, L. (Cranberry-tree.) An upright shrub, 5-10 feet high, with strongly 3-lobed leaves, broader than long, the lobes spreading and pointed. Cymes peduncled. Marginal flowers of the cyme very large and neutral. Stipular appendages conspicuous. Fruit red, pleasantly acid. - Low grounds.

6. V. paueiflo'rum, Pylaie. A low shrub. Leaves 5-ribbed at the base, serrate, with 3 short lobes at the summit. Cyme few-flowered. Stamens shorter than the corolla. Fruit red, sour, with a very flat stone. - Cold woods, Atl. Prov. chiefly.

. 7. V. lantanoi'des, Michx. (Hobble-bush.) A straggling shrub with reclining branches. Leaves large, round-ovate, heart-shaped at the base, serrate, many-veined, the veins underneath and the stalks and branchlets very rusty-scurfy. Stipular appendages conspicuous. Cymes sessile, very broad and flat, with very conspicuous neutral flowers on the margin. - Moist woods.