1. Teu'crium. L. Germander

1. T. Canadense, L. (American Germander. Wood Sage.) Stem 1-3 feet high, downy. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, serrate, short-petioled, hoary beneath. Flowers in a long spike. - Low grounds.

2. T. occidenta'le, Gr., is loosely pubescent, and the calyx is villous with viscid hairs. - S. W. Ontario.

2. Isan'thus. Michx. False Pennyroyal

I. caeru'leus, Michx. A low, branching, clammy-pubescent annual. Leaves lance-oblong, 3-nerved, nearly entire. Peduncles axillary, 1-3-flowered. - Gravelly soil.

3. Men'tha. L. Mint

1. M. vir'idis, L. (Spearmint.) Flowers in a narrow terminal spike. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, wrinkled, veiny, unequally serrate, sessile. - Wet places.

2. M. piperita, L. (Peppermint.) Flowers in loose interrupted spikes. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong, acute, petioled. Plant smooth. - Wet places.

3. M. Canadensis, L. (Wild Mint.) Flowers in axillary whorled clusters, the uppermost axils without flowers. Stem more or less hairy, with ovate or lanceolate toothed leaves on short petioles. Var. glabrata, Benth., is smooth-ish, and has a rather pleasanter odour. - Sandy wet places.

4. M. sati'va, L. (Whorled Mint.) Flowers in globular clusters in the axils of leaves; the uppermost axils not flower-bearing. Leaves petioled, ovate, sharply serrate. Calyx with very slender teeth. - Atl. Prov. (Int. from Eu.)

5. M. arvensis, L. (Corn Mint.) Flowers as in M. sativa, but leaves smaller, obtusely-serrate, and teeth of the calyx short and broader. - Atl. Prov. (Int. from Eu.)

4. Lyc'opus. L. Water Horehound

1. L. Virgin'icus, L. (Bugle-weed.) Calyx-teeth 4, bluntish. Stems obtusely 4-angled, 6-18 inches high, producing slender runners from the base. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, toothed,- Moist places.

2. L. Sinua'tus, Ell. (L. Europceus, var. sinuatus, Gray.) Calyx-teeth 5, sharp-pointed. Stem sharply 4-angled, 1-3 feet high. Leaves varying from cut-toothed to pinnatifid. - Wet places.

3. L. lu'cidus, Turcz., var. America' nus, Gray. Calyx-teeth 5, very acute. Corolla hardly exceeding the calyx. Stem strict, short, 2-3 feet high. Leaves lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, sessile or nearly so, sharply and coarsely serrate. - N.W.

5. Hedeo'ma. Pers. Mock Pennyroyal

1. H. pulegioi'des, Pers. (American Pennyroyal). Stem 5-8 inches high, branching, hairy. Leaves oblong-ovate, petioled, obscurely serrate. Whorls few-flowered. Plant with a pungent aromatic odour. - Open woods and fields.

2. H. his'pida, Pursh., has the leaves sessile, linear, and entire, and the calyx ciliate and hispid. - Not common.

6. Collinso'nia

L. Horse-Balm. C. Canaden'sis, L. (Rich-weed. Stone-root.) Stem smooth or nearly so, 1-3 feet high. Leaves serrate, pointed, petioled, 3-6 inches long. - Rich woods.

7. Hysso'pus

Tourn. Hyssop. H. officinalis, L. Escaped from gardens in a few localities. Leaves lanceolate or linear, entire.

8. Pycnan'themum. Michx. Mountain Mint. Basil

1. P. lanceolatum, Pursh. Stem 2 feet high, smoothish or minutely pubescent. Leaves lanceolate or lance-linear, entire. Heads downy. Calyx-teeth short. Lips of corolla very short. - Dry soil.

2. P. mu'ticum, Pers., var. pilo'sum, Or. Hoary with loose pubescence. Leaves oblong - lanceolate, denticulate. Bracts and calyx-teeth villous-pubescent. Heads larger than in No. 1. - S. W. Ontario.

9. Sature'ia. L. Savory

S. horten'sis, L. (Summer Savory.) Stem pubescent.

Clusters few-flowered. - -Escaped from gardens in a few localities.

10. Monar'da. L. Horse-Mint

1. M. did'yma, L. (Oswego Tea.) Corolla bright red, very showy. The large outer bracts tinged with red. - Along shaded streams.

2. M. fistulo'sa, L. (Wild Bergamot.) Corolla purplish, the outer bracts somewhat purplish. Dry and rocky banks and woods.

Var. mollis, Benth., with flesh-coloured or lilac corolla, is common in the N.W. prairie region.

11. Nep'eta. L. Cat-Mint

1. N. Cataria, L.. (Catnip.) Flowers in cymose clusters. Stem erect, downy, branching. Leaves oblong, crenate, whitish beneath. Corolla dotted with purple. - Roadsides.

2. N. Gleeho'ma, Benth. (Ground Ivy.) Creeping and trailing. Leaves round-kidney-shaped, crenate, green both sides. Corolla light blue. - Damp waste grounds.

12. Dracoceph'alum. L. Dragon-Head

D. parviflo'rum, Nutt. Stem erect, 8-20 inches high, leafy. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, cut-toothed, petioled. Corolla small and slender. - N.W. Ontario, in partly cleared lands.

13. Lophan'thus. Benth. Giant Hyssop

1. L. nepetoi'des, Benth. Smooth or nearly so, coarsely crenate-toothed. Calyx-teeth ovate, rather obtuse. Corolla greenish-yellow. - Borders of woods.

2. L. serophulariaefo'lius, Benth., has lanceolate calyx-teeth and a purplish corolla. - Near Queenston Heights.

3. L. anisa'tus, Benth., has the leaves ovate, acute, and glaucous-white underneath. - N.W. plains.

Calamintha. Mcench. Calaminth

1. C. Clinopo'dium, Benth. (Basil.) Stem hairy, erect, 1-2 feet high. Flower-clusters dense. Leaves ovate, nearly entire, petioled. - Thickets and waste places.

2. C. Nuttal'lii, Benth. Smooth, 5-9 inches high. Leaves narrowly oblong. Clusters few-flowered, the flowers on slender naked pedicels. Bracts linear or oblong. - Wet limestone rocks, western and south-western Ontario.

15. Melissa. L. Halm

M. officinalis, L. (Common Balm.) Upright, branching, pubescent. Leaves broadly ovate, crenate-toothed, lemon-scented. - Escaped from gardens in a few places.

16. Physoste'gia

Benth. False Dragon-head. P. Virginia'na, Benth. Stem smooth, wand-like. Lower leaves oblong-ovate, upper lanceolate. Corolla an inch long, funnel-form, the throat inflated; upper lip slightly arching, the lower 3-parted, spreading, small. - "Wet banks, common on Toronto Island.

17. Brunel'la

Tourn. Self-heal. B. vulga'ris, L. (Common Heal-all.) A low plant with oblong-ovate petioled leaves. Clusters 3-flowered, the whole forming a close terminal elongated head. - Woods and fields everywhere.

18. Scutellaria. L. Skull-cap

1. S. galericulata, L. Flowers blue, § of an inch long, solitary in the axils of the upper leaves. Stem nearly smooth, 1-2 feet high. - Wet places.

2. S. par'vula, Michx. Flowers blue, 1/4 of an inch long, solitary in the upper axils. Stem minutely downy, 2-6 inches high. Lowest leaves round-ovate, the upper narrower, all entire. Roots necklace-form,- Dry banks.

3. S. lateriflo'ra, L. Flowers blue, 1/3 of an inch long, in 1-sided racemes. Stem upright, much branched, 1-2 feet high. - Wet places.

10. Marru'bium

L. Horehound. M. vulga're, L. Leaves round-ovate, crenate-toothed. Calyx with 5 long and 5 short teeth, recurved. - Escaped from gardens in some places.

20. Galeop'sis

L. Hemp-Nettle. G. Tetra'hit, L. (Common Hemp-Nettle.) Stem bristly-hairy, swollen below the joints. Leaves ovate, coarsely serrate. Corolla often with a purple spot on the lower lip. - Waste places and fields.

21. Stach'ys. Tourn. Hedge-Nettle

1. S. palus'tris, L. Stem 2-3 feet high, 4-angled, the angles beset with stiff reflexed hairs or bristles. Leaves sessile, or the lower short-petioled, oblong or ovate-lanceolate, crenately serrate, downy. Calyx hispid. Upper lip of the corolla pubescent. - Wet grounds.

2. S. as'pera, Michx. Taller than the last, the leaves nearly all distinctly petioled. Calyx mostly glabrous. Corolla glabrous throughout. - Wet grounds.

22. Leonu'rus. L. Motherwort

L. Cardi'aca, L. (Common Motherwort.) Stem tall.

Leaves long-petioled, the lower palmately lobed, the upper 3-cleft. Upper lip of the corolla bearded. - Near dwellings.

23. La'mium. L. Dead-Nettle

1. L. amplexieau'le, L. Leaves rounded, deeply cren-ate-toothed, the upper ones clasping. In gardens in some places.

2. L. purpu'reum, L. Leaves rounded or oblong, heart-shaped, crenate-toothed, all petioled. - A garden escape.

3. L. maculatum, L. Taller. Leaves ovate, heart-shaped, often with a white spot above. Flowers rather large, purplish, with hairs at the base inside. - A garden escape.

24. Ballota. V. L. Fetid Horehound

B. nigra, L. (Black Horehound.) Leaves ovate, toothed. Calyx-teeth longer than the tube of the corolla. - S. W. Ontario.