Bulbous and scape-bearing herbs, with linear flat root-leaves, and regular and perfect 6-androus flowers, the tube of the petal-like 6-parted perianth adherent to the 3-celled ovary. Lobes of the perianth imbricated in the bud. Style single. Anthers introrse. - Represented with us by one species of the genus


L. Star-grass. H. erecta, L. A small herb sending up a slender scapo from a solid bulb. Leaves linear, grass-like, longer than the umbellately 1- 4-flowered scape. Perianth hairy and greenish outside, yellowish within, 6-parted nearly down to the ovary. Stamens 6, sagittate. Pod indehiscent, crowned with the withered perianth. - Meadows and open woods.