Magnolia Family.) Trees or shrubs, with alternate entire or lobed (not serrate) leaves. Sepals 3, coloured, deciduous. Petals 6-9, deciduous. Stamens .hypogynous, indefinite, separate; anthers adnate. Carpels numerous, in many rows on an elongated receptacle. Fruit resembling a cone.

I. Lirioden'dron, L

Tulip-Tree. L. Tulipif' era, L. A large and stately tree, growing to a great height in many parts of the western peninsula of Ontario. Leaves large, truncate, or with a shallow notch at the end. Flowers large, showy, solitary; petals greenish-yellow, marked with orange. Fruit a dry cone, which, at maturity, separates into dry winged indehiscent carpels.